Soil Biology


SB Chitosan

SB Chitosan A high quality, low molecular weight water soluble derivative of chitin, developed specifically for use in amenity turf. Protects the plant when under pathogen attack and increases microbes in the rootzone that specifically target plant pathogens.

Apply at 2-5 L/ha in 200-300L water

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SB HumiFeast

SB HumiFeast Liquid blend of humic and fulvic acids specifically developed to increase nutrient retention in sand-based rootzones

Apply at 10-120 L/Ha in 400-600Lwater

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SB OrganoFeast

SB OrganoFeast - Very high concentration liquid source of Fulvic 40%, Humic 40% & organic carbon 40%. Use to optimise the movement of nutrients into and around the plant.

Apply at 5-10 L/Ha in 300-600L water

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SB SeaFeast

SB SeaFeast Liquid blend of seaweed, fulvic acid and bioactive plant extracts.  Relieves the stress of intensively managed turfgrass surfaces and improves the foliar and root uptake of nutrients. 

Apply at 5-10 L/Ha.

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SB SpringLoad

SB Biostimulants are carefully selected plant extracts and formulated to the highest standards to give the turf manager full confidence in the treatment.

SB SpringLoad  An amino acid rich in macro and micro nutrients and naturally fortified with fulvic acid and organic carbons. Compatible with the Flex Foliar Feed Range and will provide your turf with an early season start-up. 

Apply at 10-50 L/ Ha in 200-300L water.

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SB Vigour

SB Vigour A plant synergist complex developed to act as a phyto-elicitor, helping plants to combat physical stresses and improve disease prevention and recovery from damage. Can be mixed with SB Flex 3.0.12. 

Apply at 1-1.5 L/Ha in 500L water.

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