Soil Biology

SB Microbes

SB Brewster

SB Brewster - Matured compost - CERTIFIED PATHOGEN FREE - developed to produce high quality and biologically diverse compost teas. Compatible with all biostimulants, inorganic and organic fertilisers. 

Use at 2 kg/Ha in 500 L/Ha

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SB Brewster Life

SB Brewster Life - Concentrated consortium of fungi specifically formulated for use in compost tea systems. Promotes fungal dominance in the rootzone for perennial turfgrasses.

Apply at 500 g/Ha

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SB Hybrid Tea

SB HyBrid Tea - Consortium of synergistic rhizosphere bacteria and fungi developed specifically to address problems associated with amenity turf management such as nutrient availability and thatch build-up. 

Apply at 0.5kg/Ha in compost tea brewers, or at 1kg/Ha without brewing first

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SB LiquidLife

SB LiquidLife - Utilises proven inorganic oxygen technology combined with selected rhizosphere bacteria. Increases microbial activity in the root zone, reducing black layer and improving percolation and nutrient availability.  

Apply at 3-5L/Ha.

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SB RhizoBac

SB RhizoBac - Selected blend of bacteria designed to help turfgrass surfaces combat the heavy wear & intensive management associated with Poa annua dominant amenity turf.

Add to compost tea systems at 500 g/Ha

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