Soil Biology


Key Facts

SB BioSulphur improves plant nutrition, soil structure and soil chemistry.

SB BioSulphur is a biologically available source of sulphur, calcium and nitrogen.

BioSulphur also aids soil flocculation, which is damaged by compaction and the over-supply of fertilizers/salts. BioSulphur reduces soil compaction by the same chemical mechanism as granular gypsum, with the added bonus that BioSulphur delivers this in a liquid form.
This is especially important in excessively saline or over fertilized soils where flocculation is the most crucial remediation step and should be performed before any rinsing with water.

BioSulphur can also act to correct soil pH issues, bringing soils at both extremes of acidity and alkalinity back to a more neutral pH. BioSulphur selectively releases either sulphides (to correct alkalinity) or calcium/ammonium (to correct acidity) according to the conditions it encounters and adjusts the pH towards neutral. 



BioSulphur can be applied as both a soil drench and a foliar spray.

For soil conditioning
 Apply as a soil drench at 20-40 litres /ha in 30L water  to aid the improvement in soil structure

For soil wash treatment Use 40 L/ha and tank-mix with1.2 litres/ha of PanBuster in 800L water to flush excess pesticides and fertiliser salts from the rootzone


Technical Description

SB BioSulphur has a pH of ca. 12.5 

For correcting in-crop sulphur deficiency - Visible symptoms of sulphur deficiency are normally only apparent in severe circumstances when turfgrass growth will already be affected. The symptom of sulphur deficiency is chlorosis (yellowing) of young leaves, reduced growth and sickly looking plants. Apply as a foliar spray at 2–3 litres/ha diluted in 200L of water to given good coverage of the foliage.


 - SB BioSulphur can be used in combination with SB PanBreaker. Carry out a ‘jar test’ if mixing with other products.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.