Soil Biology


Key Facts

SB PanBreaker  is a unique product that greatly improves water infiltration and movement down through the soil profile. It frees or exchanges bound hydrogen allowing the colloidal particles to move freely creating micro pores, permitting water to gravitate downwards below the compaction zone. This results in improved structure and reduced waterlogging, which leads to better rooting and more efficient nutrient uptake by the crop.



Apply SB PanBreaker as a rootzone surfactant at a rate of 900 millilitres per Ha in 200 litres of water.

Apply SB PanBreaker as a Soil Wash tank mixed with SB BioSulphur at a rate of 1.2L per Ha in 800-1000 litres of water.

SB PanBreaker can be added directly to the spray tank.

Mix the required rate of SB PanBreaker into half the required amount of water of water and agitate thoroughly before mixing in the remaining quantity of water.


Technical Description

Specification pH of ca. 7.5

 - SB PanBreaker is intended for use on sports turfs by professional groundstaff. PanBuster is compatible with most agrochemicals. It is recommended to conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility. Avoid strong acids.

SB PanBreaker Contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.