Soil Biology

SB Rootzone Treatments

Key Facts

There are three parts to rehabilitating your rootzone:


1. Carry out an SB NUTRIENT ANALYSIS to identify the requirements for treatments – don’t guess!

2. SOIL WASH the rootzone with SB PanBreaker and SB BioSulphur to clear out pesticide and fertiliser residues that create an unbalanced and potentially toxic environment for soil microbes and turfgrass roots.

3. REHABILITATE the rootzone environment with a diverse population of microbes and balanced nutrient content that create the ideal conditions for turfgrass health and vigour.




Technical Description

SB Nutrient Analysis Don’t guess your fertiliser requirements for the coming year! The SB Nutrient Analysis accurately identifies all the nutrients (not the same as fertilisers) your turf will need to produce healthy and vigorous surfaces. The SB Nutrient Analysis gives information that includes freely available nutrients, total mineral content (that could be available with a healthy and active microbe population), Base Saturation and the PACE recommendations. All on one sheet for easy reading. For more information click here

SB PanBreaker Highly concentrated anionic wetting agent. Breaks up hard pans, improving soil structure and water infiltration and percolation. Use a tank mix with BioSulphur as a soil wash to clear out excess fertiliser salts and pesticide residues. Apply at 0.9 L/ha as a penetrant wetter, and at 1.2 L/Ha as a soil wash with BioSulphur For more information click here

SB BioSulphur  Source of Sulphur, Calcium & Nitrogen in a bioactive formulation for optimum effectiveness. Aids soil flocculation & neutralizes soil pH. Apply at 20 L/ha as a nutrient, and 40 L/Ha as a soil wash with PanBreaker  For more information click here

SB NutriZorb Zeolite A natural, hydrated Phillipsite-Chabazite mineral of volcanic origin, supplied in three grades to suit the application. Supports soil biology by providing a “protective matrix” and a source of nutrients, firms up soft surfaces and slowly releases nutrients to suit turf growth. Does not break down as easily as clinoptolite zeolite. Apply at 200-500g/m2  For more information click here

SBFoundation HFU is a premium-quality Leonardite granule specially selected from an ultra high grade deposit of Leonardite, SB Foundation HFU is a very rich source of Humic and Fulvic and Ulmic acids and various other nutrients. Application: Spread at 200 – 250 kg per hectare (20 to 25 g/m2) . 

For Horticultural Applications : Add to growing medium at 25 to 50 gms per square metre