Soil Biology

SB BioCarb 3.0.12

Key Facts

SB BioCarb 3.0.12 is a mildly acidic early-start and autumn foliar fertiliser specifically formulated for amenity turf applications.

SB BioCarb 3.0.12 provides an amide form of nitrogen that can be readily taken up through the plant leaf when cold soil temperatures restrict root uptake.

SB BioCarb 3.0.12 contains a stabilised plant extract and plant-based phytoelicitors able to stimulate early season photosynthesis, and root and shoot growth as well as increasing rhizobacteria-promoting root exudates.

SB Bio-Carb 3.0.12 also contains a simple carbohydrate source to further encourage microbial growth in the rootzone.



Initial application 40 litres per Ha in 200 (max. 300) litres of water.

Subsequent applications at a rate of 30 - 40 litres per Ha in 200 (max. 300) litres of water.


Technical Description


Total N as amide nitrogen:               3 %

Total K as K20:
                                12 %

Stabilised Plant Extract:                   < 1 %

Carbohydrate Biostimulant:             < 5 %

pH:                                                   5.5

Specific Gravity:                              1.16



SB BioCarb 3.0.12 is compatible with most fungicides and organic and inorganic fertilizers. The acid pH of the product will improve the efficacy of the fungicide application.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on tank mixing.