Soil Biology

SB Brewster Life

Key Facts

SB BrewsterLife is a concentrated consortium of fungi specifically formulated for use with compost teas.

SB BrewsterLife is suitable for use on all types of annual and perennial plants and amenity grasses.

SB BrewsterLife has been developed to promote the fungal dominant biology in a rootzone that perennial grasses such as ryes bents and fescues require for healthy growth and propagation.

SB BrewsterLife also contains bacterial and fungal biostimulants.

SB BrewsterLife microbes will complement any compost tea programme.



SB BrewsterLife is applied at a rate of 500 gms per Ha added to a compost tea brew.

SB BrewsterLife can be added to SB Brewster as often as required.

Apply early morning or afternoon. Avoid application in strong sunshine. Applying SB BrewsterLife before rain or irrigation improves the movement of the microbes into the rootzone.


Technical Description


Naturally occurring Grade 1 Microbial consortium on a 100% soluble base, containing:

Lignin and Cellulose degrading fungi. Plant–based bacterial and fungal biostimulants.


SB BrewsterLife is compatible with all biostimulants, inorganic and organic fertilisers.

Do not mix directly with fungicides or any other biocides.

If using mains water in the brewing process, ensure that the water has stood or been agitated sufficiently to allow any residual chlorine to dissipate.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.