Soil Biology

SB Brewster

Key Facts

SB Brewster is a matured compost developed to produce high quality biologically–diverse compost teas.

SB Brewster is produced from a range of both cellulose- and lignin-rich plant material. The compost is certified pathogen–free and is further matured by the addition of a fungal and bacterial inoculant to produce a tea that is suitable for all annual and perennial plants.

SB Brewster is suitable for use on all types of amenity turf grasses but has been designed to work particularly well with perennial ryes, bents and fescues. 



SB Brewster is used at a rate of 2 kg per Ha of sand or soil–based rootzones in a standard compost tea brewer with 200 – 1000 litres of chlorine–free water.

Compost teas made from SB Brewster can be used as required.

Apply early morning or late afternoon. Avoid application in strong sunshine.

Applying compost teas made with SB Brewster before rain or irrigation improves the movement of the microbes in the tea into the rootzone.


Technical Description


Compost derived from a range of herbaceous and woody plant materials

Naturally occurring Grade 1 Microbes – bacteria and fungi on an organic base.



SB Brewster is compatible with all biostimulants, inorganic and organic fertilisers. Do not mix directly with fungicides or any other biocides.

If using mains water in the brewing process, ensure that the water has stood or been agitated sufficiently to allow any residual chlorine to dissipate.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.