Soil Biology

SB Chitosan

Key Facts

SB Chitosan is a high quality, low molecular weight water-soluble derivative of chitin, developed specifically for use in amenity turf.

SB Chitosan provides an excellent food source for beneficial fungi, encouraging fungal dominance in the rootzone and helping to create the rhizosphere conditions required for the development of perennial fine grasses. SB Chitosan directly stimulates the plant's self-defence mechanisms.

SB Chitosan can be used to help recovery from disease, nematode and other pest damage and will also help limit the damage from drought and frost stress.

SB Chitosan can be used to improve the percentage germination of grass seed.

Chitosan is registered within the EU as an ingredient of palant protection products, and can be used for the control of plant pests and pathogens.



For Foliar Application: Apply at a rate of 2-5 litres/Ha in 200 – 300 litres of water.

For Soil Treatment: Apply at a rate of 10-15 litres/Ha as a drench in a minimum of 600 litres of water.

For use with Compost Teas: Do not use ina tea brewer. Use at a rate of 5 litres/Ha added directly into the sprayer.


Technical Description


Chitosan of fungal origin: 6 % total w/w

Plant biostimulant

Selected plant extracts

pH: ≈ 4.5



SB Chitosan is compatible for use with fungicides, inorganic and organic fertilisers and biostimulants.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.