Soil Biology

SB Flex Micros 12.0.4

Key Facts

SB FlexMicro 12.0.4 is a revolutionary development in foliar nutrition designed specifically for amenity turf applications, where sand-based root zones and the applications.

SB FlexMicro 12.0.4 is formulated using the unique Flex Process, which complexes amide nitrogen with a balanced range of essestial macro and micro nutrients prociding complete slow-release and long-lasting nutrition to the plant via the leaf.

SB FlexMicro 12.0.4 provides a comprehensive macro and micro foliar feed in a low pH formulation helping to make applied and rootzone–based nutrients more available to the plant.

The low pH formulation of SB FlexMicros 12.0.4 helps to neutralise bicarbonates and carbonates in the rootzone, compensating for the effects of high pH irrigation water.

FlexMicro 12.0.4 also contains a stabilised plant extract and plant-based phytoelicitors able to stimulate early season photosynthesis and root and shoot growth, as well as increasing rhizobacteria-promoting root exudates.



Initial Application: Apply at a rate of 40 litres per Ha in 200L (max. 300L) of water.

Subsequent Applications: Apply at a rate of 30 – 40 litres per Ha in 200L (max. 300L) of water.

SB FlexMicro 12.0.4 can be applied all year round as required


Technical Description


Amide nitrogen:                     10.9%            Boron, B:

Nitrate Nitrogen:                    1.1%               Zinc, Zn:

Potassium, K2O:                    7.0%               Copper, Cu:             0.03%

Magnesium, MgO:               0.8%               Molybdenum, Mo:   0.008%

Sulphur, SO3:                        2.2%               pH:                             3.0

Manganese, Mn:                   0.1%               Specific Gravity:        1.217

Minimum Storage temperature: 5oC



SB FlexMicro 12.0.4 is compatible with most fungicides and organic and inorganic fertilisers. The acid pH of the product will improve the efficacy of the fungicide application.

Contact your technical advisor for further information on tank mixing.