Soil Biology

SB HumiFeast

Key Facts

SB HumiFeast is a liquid blend of humic and fulvic acids specifically developed to increase nutrient retention in sand–based, amenity rootzones.

SB HumiFeast increases the CEC of sandy rootzones by chelating nutrients without affecting the firmness of the playing surface or the rate of rootzone drainage.

SB HumiFeast adds a high-qualiy source of carbon to the rootzone and also acts as an effective broad–spectrum biostimulant.



Apply SB HumiFeast at a rate of10 - 20 litres per Ha in 400 – 600 litres of water

SB HumiFeast can be applied every 10 – 14 days

Apply as often as required.


Technical Description


Total Humic Extract         25.0% w/v

Humics                                   16.8% w/v

Fulvics                                    8.4% w/v

K2O                                         7.2% w/v

pH                                          11



SB HumiFeast is compatible with most inorganic and organic fertilisers and biostimulants.

SB HumiFeast can be used as part of a compost tea programme and can be added directly to the brewer or sprayer.

Contact your technical advisor for more detailed compatibility information.