Soil Biology

SB Hybrid Tea

Key Facts

SB HybridTea is a consortium of synergistic rhizosphere bacteria and fungi developed specifically to address the problems associated with managing amenity turf.

SB HyBrid Tea contains bilogy that releases lock-up nutrients in the rootzone, including phosphorus, making them available to the plant. This increases the longevity of applied feritlisers and promotes a more consistent and steady growth of the plant.

SB HyBrid Tea accelerates the degradation of plant organic matter, reducing the thatch build-up and supplying an additional source of humic-rich nutrient to the plant.

SB HyBrid Tea contains nitrogen fixing bacteria that can reduce the annual requirement for nitrogen feritlisers.

SB Hybrid Tea  microbes will complement any compost tea programme.



SB HyBrid Tea is applied at a rate of 300-500 g/ha in 400-600L water as often as required.

Apply early morning or late afternoon. Avoid application in strong sunshine. Applying SB HyBrid Tea before rain or irrigation improves the movement of microbes into the rootzone.


Technical Description


Naturally occurring Grade 1 Microbial consortium on a 100% soluble base, containg:

  • Bacillus spp.
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • Phosphorus-solubising bacteria
  • Lignin and Cellulose degrading fungi
  • Bacteria and fungal biostimulants



SB HyBrid Tea is compatible with all biostimulants, inorganic and organic fertilisers.

SB HyBrid Tea can be added to compost tea in the brewing process.

Do not mix directly with fungicides or other biocides

Contact you technical adviser for further information on compatibility and tank mixing