Soil Biology

SB SpringLoad 5.0.5 + CPPA

Key Facts

SB SpringLoad 5.0. + CPPA is a high-quality source of carbohydrates and amino acids developed for use on intensively managed amenity turf.

SB SpringLoad 5.0. + CPPA acts as an effective biostimulant as well as providing an amino source of nitrogen that can be taken up by the plant through the leaf.

SB SpringLoad 5.0. + CPPA also provides a range of essential plant micronutrients.



As a biostimulant: apply at a rate of 10 - 20 litres per Ha. in 200 - 300 litres of water

As a fertiliser: apply at a rate of 20 - 30 litres per Ha. in 300 litres of water

Apply as often as required in the growing season. Avoid late autumn use to prevent disease stimulation


Technical Description

Specification (typical analysis)

Total Amino Acid: 9.2%

Total Nitrogen as N: 5.3%

Total Phosphorus as P2O5: 0.16%

Total Potassium as K2O: 5.80%

Total Sugars:     3.0-6.0%                               

pH: 5.0

Copper: 2.8 mg/kg

Manganese: 20.1 mg/kg

Iron: 149 mg/kg  

Zinc: 8.4 mg/kg


Amino Acids (%)

Aspartin 0.69     Glycine 0.22      Methionline 0.19            Phenylalanine 0.13

Threonline 0.18  Alanine 1.2        Isoleucine 0.17              Lysine 0.16      

Serine 0.13       Cystine 0.02      Leucine 0.26                  Histidine 0.22

Glutamic 5.1      Valine 0.26        Tyrosine 0.09                 Arginine 0.16



SB SpringLoad 5.0. + CPPA is compatible with most inorganic and organic fertilisers and biostimulants.

SB SpringLoad 5.0. + CPPA can be used as part of a compost tea programme.

Contact your technical advisor for more detailed compatibility information