Soil Biology

SB OrganoFeast

Key Facts

SB OrganoFeast is a rich source of organic carbon, providing natural humic and fulvic acid.

The fulvic is a natural organic chelating agent that moves nutrients into the plant from the soil, and helps to translocate them where they are required inside the plant. The humic is a natural source of carbon, providing the most important food source for soil microbes and holds excess nutrients until the plant requires them, saving nutrients from leaching through the rootzone.

SB OrganoFeast is a broad–spectrum bio–stimulant and improves the rootzone of all amenity turfs.



As a soil amendment: Apply SB OrganoFeast at a rate of 10-20 litres per Ha in 600L of water. Wash into soil if possible.

As a Bio-stimulant: Apply at 5-10 Litres per Ha in 300 to 600 Litres per Ha.

In Horticulture as a Biostimulant: Apply at 5 Litres per Ha in 500 to 1000 Litres per Ha as often as required.

In inorganic tank mixes of chemicals to improve efficacy & compatibility of the mix: Apply 5 - 10 litres per Ha.


Technical Description


Liquid Organic Matter

Organic Corrector

Total Organic Carbon:          40% w/w

Total Humic Extract:             40% w/w

Fulvic Acids:
                           40% w/w

Density:                                  1.16 kg/l

pH:                                         4.5



SB OrganoFeast is compatible with most inorganic and organic fertilisers and bio-stimulants.

SB OrganoFeast can be used as part of a compost tea programme and can be added directly to the brewer and to the spray tank.

SB OrganoFeast can be mixed with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Please contact your technical advisor for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.