Soil Biology

SB RhizoBac

Key Facts

SB Rhizobac is a selected blend of bacteria that naturally inhabit the soil around the plant root and is designed to combat the heavy wear and intensive management of Poa annua dominant amenity turf.

SB Rhizobac helps create a bacterial dominant rootzone to suit the growth of annual grasses, making both macro and micro nutrients more readily available for the plant.

SB Rhizobac can be used in a tank mix or added to a compost tea brew during periods of high turf stress.

SB Rhizobac works synergistically with biological fungicides.



SB Rhizobac can be applied, as required, as a foliar spray at a rate of 250 g/ha in 300 litres of water, or as a root drench at a rate of 250 g/ha in 600 litres of water.

SB Rhizobac can be applied every 2 - 4 weeks throughout the year.


Technical Description


SB Rhizobac is compatible with inorganic and organic fertilisers and biostimulants.

SB Rhizobac can be added directly to the compost tea brewer.

SB Rhizobac can be mixed with most fungicides.



Bacillus spp.

Paenibacillus sp.

Microbes are immobilised on a 100% soluble dextrose base.

Contact your Technical Advisor for more information on compatibility and tank mixing.