Soil Biology

SB SeaFeast

Key Facts

SB SeaFeast is a specially developed liquid blend of seaweed, fulvic acid and synergistic plant extracts designed to ameliorate the stress of heavy wear and intensive management on amenity turf and in horticulture.

The components of SB SeaFeast chelate added nutrients improving the uptake of macro and micronutrients into the plant via both the leaf and roots.

SB SeaFeast also acts as a broad -spectrum biostimulant and is suitable for improving the healthy growth of both annual and perennial grass species.

The plant extracts in SB SeaFeast help to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis and phytorespiration.



In amenity turf: Apply SB SeaFeast at a rate of 5-10 litres per Ha in 400–600 litres of water.

In Horticulture: Apply SB SeaFeast at a rate of 5 litres per Ha in 600 – 800 litres of water.

Repeat applications as required.


Technical Description


Liquid Seaweed

Fulvic acid

Selected plant and microbial bio stimulants



SB SeaFeast is compatible with all inorganic and organic fertilisers and biostimulants.

SB SeaFeast can be used as part of a compost tea programme and can be added directly to the brewer.

SB SeaFeast can be mixed with fungicides and pesticides.

Contact your technical advisor for use with silicon–based products and for further information on compatibility and tank mixing.