Soil Biology

SB Soil Analysis

Key Facts

This unique analysis provides a broad picture of rootzone conditions, not just a narrow snapshot of immediately available nutrients that is common to many "Free Soil Analyses" offered by fertiliser companies.

The comprehensive SB Nutrient Analysis means the turf manager is not guessing about fertiliser requirements and is able to justify budget planning.

The SB Nutrient Analysis can be a stand-alone service, leaving the turf manager free to decide which supplier to use to fulfill their requirements. Turfgrass Agronomists can also use this comprehensive service for their own clients.

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Technical Description

The SB Soil Anaylsis presents the following information:

  • Standard Sufficiency Level of Available Nutrients (SLAN) - shows the nutrients in solution in the soil water and available for immediate plant uptake
  • Trace elements - essential for plant and soil microbe health
  • ISO/IEC - internaitonally recognised nutrient measurements of magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)
  • Rootzone Chemistry - give measure ment of pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, Colloidal Organic Matter (the portion of OM that retains and exchanges nutrients), Electrical Conductivity (, % Base Saturation
  • Minimum Level for Sustainabel Nutrition (MLSN) - measurements of nutrent levels as recomneded by the PACE Turfgrass Research Intsitute, measured using Meihlech 3 method.
  • Total Mineral Nutrients - the amount of mineral nutrients that could be available to the plantsubject to and active microbe population and plant metabolism
  • % base Saturation - shows the balance between the desired and actual contents of positive charge nutrients, i.e. calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), Sodium (Na) and Hydrogen (H)

This comprehensive analysis gives the full information required to make informed decisions on fertiliser requirements instead of Precision Guesswork.